GD Arena

My forever Lovable Picture of GD
ps: if i’m the one who captured this picture, i’ll surely print this huge and frameit !


So, I feel like writing this so much.

I feel like, yes… i have to post it somehow.

and I feel like… i have to marking the real teritory of my own world keke.

  1. I love love love GD
  2. i love his music
  3. i love his purpose on life
  4. i lofe how he managed to face the problem in his life
  5. i love how he composed the songs
  6. i love his tattoo
  7. i love his drawings
  8. i love his signature, funny signature
  9. i love his humble act
  10. i love how he acts on stage
  11. i love just the way he is!

ahhh… i will certainly keep updating this page…!

I’ll make this my sanctuary for GD  🙂


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