Basically from A to Z im lacking

A : 

B : bravery that i wished i could have but i dont have much. Im just a tiny little cocoon trapped in a body of an old woman. 

Bigbang my superhero.

C: camera Nikon D5100 which i adore since 2011 i can finally own it in 2013 such a long time.. But it’s okay. Im glad.

D: determination im lack of.

Dira. My one N only lil bro. Dear A dira.

E : event After event i wish i could have but none

F: fun i wish my life would alwAys be

G: gdragon my one and only 

H: happen ending

I : Indonesia the country im in

J : just.. It’s just

Jesus christ… Im always searching for You,,,

K : kiko mizuhara. Gd’s ex in which sometimes i still think theyre still together but who knows…

L : love.. To the guy i met somewhere in starbucks paragon semarang just where can i meet him again. 

M : mellow

N : need. Always in need

O: oppurtunity where u at

P: primaindesire. Such an old blog

Q : queue is what im always capable of

R: rationale

S: siregar. 

T: time is ticking and i always Running out of it

U: understanding is what im lacking

V: vIP

W: wonderful

X: xxxibgdrgn my love

Y: young forever

Z: zen


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