Waking up early

Why you so hard to accomplish? Why do i have to be so sad waking up late everyday? I need to wake up early huhu.
Why can’t i?

Oh well im so sleepy. Lemme just sleep the whole night later. 

But then i remember i need to find some things. 

Ahh.. Forget the sleep? Nooo
Btw.. Just because of this i was being scolded by bapak kost yg di semarang..

So i decided to combine this with my keys of kost di pekalongan. So hopefully there wont be any damage happened next time..
So yeah. Im posting this at this hour because im so sleepy. I need to be awake by making something fun. And yes. This is one of the fun things that happened in life of mine.

And im abandoning this post long enuff now im continuing it again.. So.. Yeah. I, still sleepy as ever. 
I want to do what i can do really well. I want to see the result. And i want to feel the recognition… So yeah… I dont know i dont get it for awhile so i will recognize myself. Lol. Poor me. 

Tapi aku ingin percaya ko.. Tiap hal yg terjadi padaku adalah hal yang membustku lebih baik lagi ke depannya. Aku yakin bisa. Aku harus bisa. 

And so today is gonna be a great day. Tomorrow will be greater and when tomorrow comes, today would be the day we cherish.
Okay. That’s it. Bye


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