what have i done these past days

me and shoes and crumpled papers
me and shoes and crumpled papers
  1. Work, work, and more works. basically i’m still working on the same fields but you know… job is getting wild sometimes. lol this time it’s times 4.
  2. College life. Whoho! I’m getting my weekend college! well.. hmm im struggling.
  3. Deactivating facebook. Well.. it’s been days. I feel a bit relaxed. At first i’m so anxious. Will it be okay… etc. but i guess this far, nothing’s matter. no one really looking for me anyway.
  4. More into Bigbang. Just like this morning. when i woke up there’s already link to Bigbang Japan Dome Tour X 2014 -2015. I cant be anymore thankful. Yes. I’m getting addicted to BIGBANG for some reasons. I even told myself, it’s that one thing that keep me human so far. Lol. yes. i feel like i’m more to become like a machine each day…
  5. More into fanfiction. Lol. yeah. It didnt change. Since 2010. Hmm…. and im still into that GDxanyone as long as it’s nicely written, im gonna read all.
  6. really wants a Blackberry but im still thinking because i still have to save for this master degree huhu.
  7. Pekalongan – Semarang world. Yep. That’s life.
  8. hmm more tasks from college and ugh. i have to manage time really well because of this because i cant help it. hiks.
  9. so yeah… keep missing home…
  10. been trying to have a real good time with God. but i failed each day. God. dont leave me.

so yeah. writing this in the middle of timeout. gotta go now to have a good lunch.





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