Sunday is here.

What to do  today?

1. Finished churching
2. Grocery shopping
3. Searching for lunch and dinner.
4. Finishing advice.

I really  wanna  try morning  pray tomorrow… But  I’m afraid I can’t..  Because it’s getting hard  for  me to wake up early…

Oh and  on  a brighter side, I can  finally be able to do some positive things like preparing stuffs to church earlier then  I promised myself not  to do some unsecured things…  I also promised myself to getting near to God..

And oh I just bought this SwiftKey keyboard on plays tore and I love  it..  Love it so much.  My typo is lessen and easier for  me to type.  It’s worthed..


And uhmm I’m currently enjoying I hear  your voice Korean drama.  So  good. Like  really addicted. Is  been a while since I encountered this kind of feeling towards a drama.  I hear your  voice  hook  me up.

Ugh I’m typing so much today.  Horry..  Because I I love  typing with  this keyboard.. I wish I knew this earlier..  Alright. Thank  you for  everything, myself….

Please getting  better each day,  aight?

Good bless..


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