After a loooong time

Hello. I’m here once again. I’m fine thank you. . And hopefully you are too.

So yeah this morning I woke up early. And thrn I fell asleep again. Then I really get up by 9 then I ate then I am listening to bible.is. wah I’m now in Poverbs after lots of struggle. I hope I could finish this bible just like I finished alkitab last year.

I’m eager to finish all kinds of bible trans but I think the most important thing is understanding the content right?

So I decided next year which mean the coming 2014 I would read the alkitab again and try to absorb the meaning. Not just reading it.

By the way, yesterday, some nivlllce kvips and vips shared the pictorial of GD in vogue. And I loved them all.



Two of my faves.

Alright.. im just telling that im still alive.
See u again next time.


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