april 2013

April 1st 2013

What to me? Actually monday means a lot to me. 1. The start of everyday of a week. 2. Im so moody today. Most of the time I spent the mondays with a start of a very moody day. 3. I can ve so passionate or really down today 4. Usually the whole week influenced by this first day of the week 5. If its a holiday then monday still feel like working because tho u got ur holiday but ur mind, soul, and body belon to the work.. ugh it s me and it s unhealthy. Then… monday is a very tough day so u better be careful. I usually peay hard on sunday to get a better monday. And God always put my burden away if I pray to Him.. yes because im still so scare when monday comes and I still cant do anything. And yes. Please cheer up apri ya. No matter what monday ahead.. please be joyful because monday is the start of everything. Believe in God and He will act. Do not be afraid of monday because monday wobt bite if u behave… Ugh what was I writing… Live ur monday always…



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