Good Good Sunday

Hey there.
My name is apriany.
I did the writing in my blog.
Actually I wrote about nothing special.
I am just a beginner in my job field.
Im just paticularly nobody.
Most people dislikes me because I am a bad person.
I am the villain in my environment.
I seem not to be able to hold myself. .
But I want to be better at things.
I learn.. to walk to jump to fly.
I want to tell the world I could survive this an tell my parents they should be proud of me.
I want to reach the top…
Though I have to bleed.. I will. Because I want to reach the stars.
Please help me God. Im so scare. I need You.
Im writing this while my vrain is playong so many judgemental sequences.
Mom mom mom… how could you survive things? How can grown up person survive this middle life crisis because I seem not to be able.

I need You my God…
I need You.

Come on pri. Apriany could do this. You could do this.


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