i barely be able to do anything these past months. then voila………😦

well not exactly not to do anything atually.

ah… sometimes, i just need time without having some burden in me. can i?

btw, i found these words on 8 TO BE GREAT book.

  • boo boos
  • bloopers
  • stumbles
  • blunders
  • foul ups
  • mess ups
  • fumbles
  • trip up
  • slip up
  • gaffes
  • snafus
  • errors
  • goofs
  • flops
  • flubs

and all of them indicating some kind of…. WRONGNESS…

and yeah by that i closed the book already. i havent read all the chaps. but yeah somehow it’s into me. LOL

and btw… i did cry this afternoon. uh.😦

and also, say hi to my stationary keeper here. :p

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