test test test
  1. Apri 입니다!!
  2. 24
  3. I got friends
  4. single and reserving myself for GD 😛
  5. I got 2 piercings in my ears.
  6. I ever got more but feel idk why I bored with it
  7. i don’t have tattoos
  8. and will never one want
  9. i got many fave blogs
  10. I love GD
  11. Big Bang no doubt. lol
  12. ….. maybe harry potter the series. LOL cant remember anything in particular. HELP lol
  13. I’m so sensitive to something in particular.
  14. I cant fulfill my own words L
  15. I’m eager to learn.
  16. To have such a nice life. haha
  17. Idk. Anything with GD would be perfect lol
  18. cockroach, ugh.
  19. GD in his charm….. ah!
  20. Achrophobia L
  21. I used to hate some friends there. They bully me lol.
  22. i find guys attractive with nice eyes, smells good, wears good clothes, clean nails, and awesome hair. 😄
  24. …… bad smell? LOL
  25. What? Have no idea… right now
  26. God is with me.
  27. Something I want to get off my chest… I just want to marry GD…
  28. Currently no hating someone in particular
  29. i forgot the last time I cried. D;
  30. Personality of course. Because look can fade but personality…. It will remain the way you want it J

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