ordinary extraordinary

First time watching mancing mania @ the salon 🙂 nice catch!!
first time experiencing pedicuree~ while haircut + chreambath-ing of course ! 🙂

so today i got so many mentionable things

  1. wake up early to read some Bible passages
  2. Sweeping the floor
  3. washing the panties :p
  4. buying some daily needs
  5. cooking cooking! meatball is so good! and and and i cook it myself! haha
  6. washing the dishes
  7. washing the dispenser
  8. SALON with desta! yay!
  9. shopping and window shopping hehe
  10. dinner together
  11. HOME~

and demi apa gitu i forgot to spread out the panties i washed earlier. haha. what a fail.!

anyway.. i really really thank God for today.

doing those things made me feel like human again…

so ALIVE.. not just a dead meat that works from 7 to 10 from Mon to Fri.

Oh God. Thank You for everything.

wish i could be a better woman day by day… 🙂


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