The lists of odds not that odds actually

  1. BIGBANG Alive album GD version
  2. BIGBANG special 4,5 album
  3. BIGBANG Alive album BIGBANG version
  4. Remember album
  5. Tablo Fever’s End Album
  6. 2011 BIGBANG LIVE Concert DVD
  7. Kidung jemaat edisi khusus dilengkapi ayat-ayat Alkitab ^^
  8. Analisis Kredit untuk Account Officer
  9. WD external HDD 750 GB
  10. Bodyshop Body Butter. MY FAV SCENT!!
  11. color paper clips
  12. pencil
  13. paper holer
  14. colorful clips
  15. mouse
  16. glasses
  17. the notes
  18. my netbook and everything else. LOL
and yes.. not too long, they will soon meet their brothers.
i will bring my albums from Medan when i went home later.
i’ll just gonna make their shrine here,.
to make my own amusement corner.
i will make this environtment as cozy as possible.
GOD help me..

and oh…! do you know, i have this playlist

Cashflow playlist LOL

seriously i made this! LOL it must be in my…. idk… idk.. LOL

  1. The one that got away – Katy Perry
  2. Without You – David Guetta Usher
  3. 너 없이 안돼(Guitar by 요한) – Jay park
  4. Stars – jay Park
  5. After one year – Brown Eyes
  6. celebrate – Utada Hikaru
  7. Dear boy – Wonder Girls
  8. Alive (feat. 타블로, Yankie)  – Pe2ny

wahh.. my life is so…. wonderful,. yes? hehe


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