i love you

i just remebered last night i sent something like i love you taeyang because of this picture…


you should know, i love this picture so much.

the way Bae surrender to GD’s pouring him water… so beautiful. so so beautiful. i love it. so much.

i really want to buy it. ahh! i wish i could get the HQ one.. even i shud buy it..

then i’ll frame it… and worship it. kekeke jkjk

but really. i love this picture. love it so much. GDYB ❤

then after some time, he posted I LOVE YOU to his twitter.

oh… can i boasted tat was intended for me?


i’m delusional like that.

but oh well.



so uhmm today.

i almost fail to wake up.

my eyes feels so attached together.

but after arriving office..,. i’m so ALIVE.

i dont know. i feel so eager to finish everything!

ah! how i wish i could master everything so i could enjoy working in this field to the fuelest!

but oh well… back to a certain jargon, everything is a process.

i will be able! i’m sure.


*btw, at the office, this is the very first time i didnt go to the toillet that much. haha whatever LOL*


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