so, whilst I was in church… I imagined, the feeling of being hugged once again… Being kissed and stuffed.. And the highlight of that fantasy is, I imagine that impersonate of kwon could do that to me. Lol. I’m so fail. But I forgot to ask God to give me him… Oh well. What? Why am I ranting like a lonely woman that thirst for love or something here? Lol maybe because I am. Oh that sux. Oh mom, your daughter is dying alright.


and some of my facebook status updates for today:

my home made bubur kacang ijo taste like heaven ♥ ♥ Tho a bit too sweet.. But it really taste good. I feel like crying…. I can’t belive it’s made by me. Thank God for this.. *sobs*


  1. I wish my heart unable to feel this loneliness…
  2. I wish I could watch alive world tour.
  3. I wish I never lost my faith in you.
  4. I wish I don’t have this achrophobic syndrom..
  5. I wish I won’t be too emotional anymore
  6. and to add it, I wish I’d be more patient.
  7. I wish nobody would be mad for my spamming.
  8. I wish I could move to a better and wider board…
  9. I wish I could travel to south korea and be able to meet GD under YG building… And we could take pictures then I could get his mark on my arms then I could hug him and tell him how I adore him and tell him, go on you can marry now. Lol delusional me is delusional

so yeah. that’s it for today.


and tomorrow .. okay tomorrow is tomorrow.



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