no, it’s not a lyric.
it’s just the sound of my unspoken scream.
im screaming with no sound.
im not being emo, okay.
i just need this.
maybe in several years when i look back to this point in me, i will be saying things like.. “uhmmm i’ve been here before and i will continue to survive”
in my life, i never felt so much wrongness happening at once.
and it happened already.
so yeah.. stop blaming yourself, dear self.
everybody making mistakes.
maybe you’re just being this sentimental because of the illness you felt inside.
so yeah. maybe i could only pray and living on a prayer is actually never will be an option because, it is the life we should be living.

mom, dad, dira, i miss you.
i miss you so much i feel so suffocated.
but hey the good news is, im not the only one in this world who felt this kind of feeling.
at least im not alone, alright?

im not being emo, alright?
im just trying to be strong here.

hopefully their coming here wont be too hurtful for me when they said their goodbyes.
i cant take this.
but i will be strong. in Your cloud, there is this comfort and joy.
i should just give all this weary of mine to You.
because i, myself wont be able to handle this.

just give the best. and let God do the rest. there i said that.


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