so, here it is.

i will post the post of 21, 22, and 23 today.. or till tomorrow respectively.

since i dont have too much time to do the blogs on that day, i will post the previous date tonight.

so what happened today?

  1. i am sick
  2. i am alone
  3. i dont care about some people
  4. i asked ibu kost to call the tukang urut.
  5. i learn to talk nice
  6. till 10:31 not really touching any of the PAK
  7. i’m not in the mood to do my task today.
  8. i’m busy with anything but PAK
  9. i miss my mom, dad, and of course dira
  10. mom planned to come to pkl on march with dira, and probably with dad.
  11. i browsed the tickets.
  12. i planned to bring them to jogjakarta.
  13. i have to prepare my heart if ever they went home.

and yeah. so that’s it.

God, i need You.

God, i’m weak.

Please stay by my side.

I’m so in dilemma 😥 *with the things i cant write here*
so uhm. Good day.

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