Being VIP means..

..loving the Sun, an Alien, a Dragon, a Panda and a Doraemon.

..waving the black/yellow lighstick with pride.

..to have ONLY Big Bang as number 1.

..showing support not only with word but also with actions.

..not giving a sh** for other people’s bashings on Big Bang but..

..protect and support them.

..not only to listen to Big Bang’s music but to FEEL and LOVE it.

..to appreciate Big Bang’s hard work.

..giving Big Bang strength.

..keeping this promise UNTIL WHENEVER.

taken from tumblr taeyangtheshiningstar:


and oh this is Friday, means… HURLIDAY! ahaha.

im now planning on goin to Surabaya. please wish our journey would be blast.

ohh im so excited yet im feeling headache,., uhu.

oh well. uhmmm…

have fun everybody, have fun myself. please universe, support me!

love you.


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