Rang Wo Ai Ni

wahh, i suddenly remember MARS, a Taiwanese drama i watched years ago when i listened to this Rang Wo Ai Ni song.

the storyline was so good. i love that drama. so loving it.

I love Vic’s char, Barbie’s char, and all the supporting actors. i love them stories. and i love how the story went on and on and on.

and oh have i told you, i also love BONNIE PINK, a jpop band from Japan, so much? yes. i love them. i  love their songs. so comfortable to listen to.

and today is the lazy sunday. i dont feel like doing anything right now.

i plan to read the Bible chaps i missed since MONDAY, then the newspaper i bought, then uhmmm yeah… i plan to read more today. i plan to get smarter each day.

God bless me and all my surroundings.


and PS: i’m still so adoring this guy, my own definition of perfection.

Kwon jjiyong
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