The one that got away

No numeral title for today.

I feel sick.

No no. actually I feel energetic today but this stomache is killing me. Yeah. Woman’s period. Ugh. I didn’t bring any tampon today. Augh luckily on eof my officemates bring them.

Love the weather today. And the feeling in the office already a bit comfortable.

Though I still cant forget the embarrassing moment. But oh well. Life must go on.

and oh, I haven’t shared any music I’m addicted to, yeah?

Hmm this the one that got away, by Katy Perry is one of them.

Ah this stomachache is still killing me. OTL.

And oh. Im writing this while listening to낙서 by MBLAQ. not that awesome actually but it’s alright and while waiting for my turn to do the KOMITE PAK. Ugh. Im dizzy. Stress. LOL so many stress. I need a club banger. Hope the KOMITE will turn out well. and I could do another PAK smoothly. Really need to explore myself more and more and more. Im still lacking in everything. I need love. Someone please give me some love! ===

Aiyehh! Today I attended BMPD belated Christmas and New Year anniversary at Paradise Convention Hall Tegal. Guess what… I got 3 prizes. Haha.

A clock, a backpack, and an iron.


Thank God! Ahhh! You’re awesome! 🙂

And one more time… this SO INCREADIBLE by AZIATIX feat Stevie Hwang, me loves!

Ah it’s late already.

See you tom!

Pekalongan. 12.01.2012


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