10 kind of sadness

i suddenly thought about this kind of thing while im on the verge of dying last night. (okay i wrote this on Jan 11th).

now though i’m still feel like crying, i’m trying my best not to whine that much. not to ry that much.

so, in my heart right now there are this sadness

  1. not being able to fulfil your expection to yourself
  2. realizing how fool you are and though there’re so many things to do to improve yourself to be that smart, you’re down to that lake of pitiful and digrae yourself.
  3. caught up in a very loathsome situation
  4. crying on public
  5. humiliated.
  6. having no one recognizing you
  7. to know your brother Β and your family so far away and nothing you an do about it though you miss them so much.
  8. CANT DO THE PAK WELL 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
  9. cant stop thinking about negative things
  10. realizing myself so forgetful….

and yeah…

what to do about it?


it’s already Jan 1oth! what have i done to my life?

what have i gain?

what am i living this life for?

why am i crying hard.


oh alright. enough with the drama.


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