seven cups.

I know the title and the content didnt really fit each other. but oh well. let’s just say, it’s the gimmick. hehe.

uhmm today i travelled around Jogjakarta with my friend, Shinta to looking for the perfect place to buy notebooks.

i’m so exhausted. finding that the probook not being sold again.

so yeah. i’m so sad. yet i found some other type that 70% matched for me. ASUS U360. but i dont know. it’s a bit hard to collect the other 30% in me. so yeah. i quit it there. i dont really know what is going to happen tomorrow. so i keep on praying that all is going to go smooth. God, give me Your voice. 😦

so yeah i still thank God for what has happened today. so many things that made me say Hallelujah in me.

You are so Great, Lord.

Thank you for today.

secuplik kenangan di Rumah Coklat, Jogja.





PS: the picture in Rumah Coklat:



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