2012 day 2

Aiiing… Almost all my plans for today in chaos!

All thanks to truly yours here.

But hey, at least I’m blogging… From my blackberry of course.

So yeah. What?
Today I got a whole day of SCA meeting with ma boss.

All the sca-s in pkl and tgl were gathered in pkl to talk about things.
Yeah things.

Made me realize I should learn more and total here.

So uhmm… About things I can’t exactly tell about things I got here, but apri if u wanted to check what u’v been received this whole day, u could see ur notes (bni notes, black notes, and green notes). There you’ve written almost all the details u got today.

Oh well, I’m stronger than before, aren’t I?
I should be!
I must be!

Come on!
U can do it!

Pekalongan, 2 jan 2012
Bed. Kost-an


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