the day my heart broke once again

I always found things like this… I will always find the hardest way of loving someone. And yeah… even the virtual love also felt this way? How much hurt will I take?

So yeah, I love Kwon Jiyong… I love him so much for several things that happened in my life, I love him. I love him so much.

His music, his life, his everything… I love everything about him except the fact that he didn’t even know me and he perhaps won’t love me back… but that’s it. That’s just it.

The fact, when I’m eager to know much about Kwon Jiyong a.k.a GD a.k.a G-dragon, I found the fanfic world… and then… I found DARAGON otp.

They’re just too real, like when I heard each investigations about them, I feel my heart squeezed.

I can accept that prolly somewhere around there he’s already slept around, drink, smoking, or any other things… but… the things got more complicated when… when it comes to a heart. Well who won’t?

So yeah… even for a playful virtual love I wanna feel, I still found it hard to enjoy…

I always found the hardest way of loving someone… yeah. That’s it.

And tonight, my heart is breaking once again.

No matter how much love I feel for this Mr. G… No matter how much I convince myself not to be that sad. I can’t….

My heart is indeed hurt this time.

But, that’s it… I made a vow… that as long as he’s not spoken it himself… I won’t leave this feeling.

But hey, it’s not that I hate any woman that close to GD. No. I’m happy if he’s happy. Cliché eh? but to be honest, that’s what I feel.

I’m gonna be okay. I’m gonna move on… SOMEDAY.

Just lemme love him in my way.



Medan. Hospital. 21:43


in this May 2nd, i probably not into Daragon anymore. i even feel that they’re one of that impossible couple hehe. they’re part of YG and no way for that, right?

i dont know. but im into this GDxKiko now. lol.

i dont know.

lets just time tell hehe

any woman GD with, i’ll be very very supporting with him 🙂  

but it’s not that i’ll disrespect people who ship  Daragon! hehe they still own my heart. For now, i just enjoy this DARAGON in fic ehehe.

Medan. Bedroom. May 2nd 2011


2 thoughts on “the day my heart broke once again

  1. hey, i don’t want to make you feel as if you’re just another fangirl.. but i just wanted you to know you’re not the only one who feels that way.. i love gd to the point where it’s not amusing… i see the good sides of him, and i see the bad; i look at his face and see the wrinkles and eyebags alongside the crazy hair and the makeup.. i have an untouchable unchangeable respect for his attitude towards life and his work ethic and his passion towards music… i even love his imperfections.. the more i see the good and the bad in him, the more i resign myself to the fact that the nearest i can ever get to him is to feel happy for him…. damn, just the fact that i feel this way about him sucks… if we were regular fangirls, we’d spazz about how “cute” he is, and blindly ignore everything else… so if reading that sort of news makes you sad, go ahead.. i know how it feels: your chest feels like its being squeezed, your head starts to swim a bit, and your stomach flips… you realize you feel desperate, then you quietly try to deal with your emotions… it happens to me too.. so you’ve got a friend in me… the crappier fact is, that man kwon jiyong will never know how much he’s affected us… we lead pretty sad lives…haha

  2. WOW! this is such a very very very relevant comment ever!!
    do i happen to know you?
    do you happen to know me?
    we should meet and hug each other for support. hehe

    i was feeling that kind of thing back in January 29th. but now, in May 2nd, i kinda accept that feeling. hehe

    we have to move on, eh?
    we love him.
    we adore him to the poin we loooooooooooooove him so much we could die without him. keke

    but oh well.
    Kwon Jiyong, with everything about him, is just LOVE hehe

    thank u for sharing ur beautiful thought.
    i so appreciate that hehe 🙂

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