Hello two thousand eleven.


Late greetings, eh? Been soo busy walking around here. How are people around? Good eh? Hmmm. Me? I’m quiet well.

  • Still doin good.
  • Still being a girl.
  • Still loving Kwon Jiyong.
  • Still breathing.
  • Still eating rice.
  • Still… walking around like a mad man.
  • Still enjoying fanfic.
  • Still… jobless. Ahhh cant anybody give me a proper job, pleaseee?? L

Ah well.. I’m still like I’ve been.

Nothing particular changing.

BUT… I have so many plans in my life. And I aim to reach it along this year.

You know a year is not that long. It’s January but in a blink of an eye it can be December already.

So, I’ll do my best to create this 2011 as colorful as I could.


Binjai, December 5 2010

Still cant stop listenin to Jibe Gajima – GD&TOP.


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