I feel high because of GDTOP

Will edit this later. Meanwhile imma dead first…



After yesterday’s bliss, today is the continuation. The High High MV by duo GD & TOP finally released!

oh geee i’m speechless! that video is such a hot! i ant describe. too much hawtness.

The thing is i’m quiet happy because GD aint touchy touchy with those gurls. and the whole performance is just LOVE! gahhh they’re duo HOT!!!

and this:

Q: The fact that you are using the same logo in promoting your album and in the accessories you wear stands out. Does it have any particular meaning?
GD: As you can see, it’s in the shape of a hand making the sign of a ‘v.’ While working on the album, T.O.P and I figured that our fans like it the most when they see us having a good time on stage. The mark is a bit similar to the Playboy logo as well but it means that two guys, who can be various types of men including attractive, sexy, and knowing how to have fun, have come out.

full interview:

is the particular love

whuaaaa!! i cant wait! hardly cant wait for this!!! omg omg omg.

I’m in TOTAL love for this duo, especially GD! muah muah muah. GD saranghae.. keke

Binjai, December 15, 2010


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