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I always have a thing, a very special thing about this word. It’s indeed a character btw.

Love, Grade, Affection, and all, I’m obsessed with them. I want them to be full and perfect for me. Obsession. But I’m not really do anything about that. Hehe

So basically those kind of obsession just stuck in my mind. Not in my acts. hehe


You know, this night I silently hoping that this week highlight of my would be taeyang, IU, and GTOP. Hehe I don’t know. I don’t really love IU but these mini album she issued couple of days ago titled REAL [EP] really got me an awe. I remember her ever be sooo close with taeyang. Haha I don’t think them as a couple seriously but I think if someday they’re gonna be hook up, I’ll but that. Hehe. Both of them are so lovely. Hehe just like me and GD. LOL /in my dream I know. Haha/

And oh… I enjoy my times with my Dira. Gahhh he’s so wonderful. He’s my priority now. My Dira, 4 months. J he’s like sunshine in our family. He brought us happiness and joyful. He’s my brother. My super lovely brother. I love love love love him so much!

Ah okay. I’m rambling because my internet so slow…! Huhuhuhuhu

Binjai, December 14, 2010, GTOP after party


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