Break Down

Now shake ya body on the floor cuz we gon’ keep it goin’
Rock that body on the floor cuz we gon’ keep it movin’
Ah ah ah… say eh eh eh…

I don’t know. I feel like lost in this song! Reminiscing how he joyfully dancing in the MAMA2010 stage with this song, I feel so awe and this night I feel wow with the song.

I could say, that SOLAR album of Taeyang was the one of best album of this year. In my own accord, these songs really got through inside of me.

The music, the lyrics, the soul, the performance, all of them stuck in my brain.

The tracks are fresh, cool, and…

  1. SOLAR
  2. Superstar
  3. I need a girl
  4. Just a feeling
  5. You’re My
  6. Move
  7. Break Down
  8. After You Fall Asleep
  9. Where you at
  10. Wedding Dress
  11. Take it Slow

I don’t have any most favorite track because I love all the tracks though at first recognition, I found You’re my a bit irritating. LOL I cant help YB’s high pitch there. Keke but later on, I enjoy it like I enjoy all of them.

From Superstar

Baby, you’re my superstar, and I’m your biggest fan
Together, there’s no way we’re wrong
My heart cannot be shaken

So voicing my heart to GD hehehe

From I need A girl

A whole package is a LOVE! GD’s voice, Taeyang’s longing.. gahh!! This song is the headline. Moreover, this is the first single to be promoted! Love the MV, love the storyline, love the dance, and Love GD hehehe

From Just a Feeling

I wanna make love to you, baby say my name
Hanbeon ddo hanbeon deo let’s do it again

And so on and so on… gahh cant help but to feel awe each time I heard these songs. That’s why I love BIGBANG, YG Family. They bring a lot of love in my life. And not only the music, but Taeyang’s charming in every acts he does amaze me. Like he’s not drinking, not smoking, a Church guy, addicted to working up hehe and so on and so on.

Ah well… though I love GD to death, this YB a.k.a. Taeyang a.k.a Dong Young Bae really has a special place in my heart.

I love love love !


And oh I went to Church this morning but didn’t really pay attention to the preaching. I don’t understand. Huhuhu

But sure I learn something… that is our music instrument needs to be changed soon and the choir was suck. Aigoo I cant believe they dared to perform that kind of performance inside the Church. They better not singing at all. Aigoo forgive me, please but that’s what I thought.

Then this whole day I spent with Dira. I’m so tired. I cant describe.

I cant imagine if someday I’ll conceive GD’s baby and I’ll be exhausted to death like this. Hahha but It’s all worthed if GD was the father. Ekekke /kicked

Ah okay. I’m just ranting here.

What? After all these words, it’s just 5xx words???! Huhuhu I thought it’d be 1xxx huhu

Ahh okay. That’s it.

My throat still sore huhu.


Binjai, December 12, 2010, 8.27 pm


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