so contributing

hello. good evening everybody. how are you doing? whatt are you doing? what will you do? oh okay. lame opening i know kekeke. cant help it. i feel blessed today. really blessed. i dont know why.

but i’m not too happy though. I broke but i have something else fulfilled. I dont know if it woud just happen this day only but i do feel grateful enough.

I woke up at 5 a.m. this morning but i deal with the bed again. i keep snoring keke then at 6 a.m. i woke up again but i drool again in my bed, and at 8 a.m. i push myself to wake up because i gotta go to clinic to buy my meds. wiii when i woke up, i still felt my tea warm. I always love it when i felt my tea warm. It feels good in my throat. The fact that my throat is still seeing red, i love to dring any warm tea / water. so i feel grateful.

then i grabbed my phone, opening opera mini and tadaaaa! reading fanfic in the morning keke. i feel so enthusiatic reading fanfic this several months. hehe then i did the house chores. i love to do the house chores in the morning. Not forgetting to cooking the water to make a hot bathe for me. wiii hehe

Then i read the newspaper! yeahhh! i read KOMPAS today and i feel sooo out of topic. ah well.. at least i know i was out of topic so i decided to make this newspaper reading as my morning ritual. I need this to provide me more and more  knowledge, in fact that i was still jobless until now /sigh/

Then i went to the clinic. Not much to say but I was indeed broke at that time.

When i was in the road, i read several headlines that made my mind thinking about things. things that we, human, as the part of social community need to provide to make us become more aware of all the things surround us,

  • Passion
  • Gratitude
  • Intellegent
  • integrity
  • Grace

We need all of them (beside other that i dont get to think this time) to keep us “good” in our life! /yeah right/ hahaha i just feel those words have so many impact on me. they are beautiful right? hehe


Fake Apple Hair


okay that’s a warp for now.

i’m still learning to write here. /yeah i’ve been blogging since 2006 and i’m still learning to write/ phew

yosh..! have a good eve fella!

may god always bless you

Medan, October 8 2010, In front of the TV, just watched Fugitive Plan B on KBS World. :p

and oh PS: I still love G-Dragon ! 🙂



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