Hey hello December 2010

Hello… Welcome December!!

Wii… last month of the year is here. I feel … yeah. I feel.. ah nvm. Don’t mention it.

Long time no updating here. I don’t know why. Whenever I feel like writing one, I suddenly loss my appetite.

And yey. It’s official, of all the fonts available here, I love Trebuchet MS the most. I like this type. Really.

Hmmm what is currently happening right now:

  1. I watched MAMA 2010 live on Channel [V]
  2. Waiting for YG Family Concert December 5, 2010 and December 6, 2010. Oh well there wont be any live performance so I’ll just wait for the Fancam just like SOLAR era.
  3. Currently wait for my Doctor schedule that supposed to be tomorrow but I delay it until Monday or Tuesday.
  4. Still in love with Kwon Jiyong
  5. Failed some tests… yeah… and waiting for some tests to be held some time and and waiting for the result of one test to be announced.
  6. Waiting for Christmas…
  7. Really wanna have my own planet. Yeah I cant believe I write this kind of thing either.
  8. Hmm both auntie and mom bought themselves new laptop. Auntie with HP while mom in Acer.
  9. I didn’t skip Church again.
  10. Waiting for GTOP album to be released. Wiiii…! Cant wait cant wait..!

And oh.. yeah that’s it.

I wish to update again soon.




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