old me.

i feel old.

reading my old blog entries really makes me old.

for GD shakes… i feel so old now.

no passion.

no spirit.

unlike my old days.


I remember being so lame doing my old things. So lame with it. but come to think about it. Though i feel lame, but the passion was linger in body and my brain. never once it left me alone. And what i found now? I feel empty. Really empty.

I really wanna scream my lungs out.


I missed my GD.

okay. It’s so asynchronous.






i feel so alone.


Gah! stop this crap!

So what if i feel alone?

i have to develop my own sanity.

i have to develop my own passion

and nobody will do it for me but myself.

come come come

i have to made things that empower myself

i’m sure God will lead me the way.


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