It is a Japanese based emoticon of a man pounding his head on the floor. The o is the head. The r is the arms. The z is the legs. -wikipedia


I’m having a bad bad bad djfhfshdfhkhfjkshkfjsh

what is happening to me? *facepalm*

what is wrong with me?


why do i keep on reminiscing that buzztard?


why on earth i keep thinking the taste of his lips? oh my gahdddd.. it’s 4 years already for GD shakes! 4 yearsssss!

you know what my crazy moron brain said?

to call him, ask him for a date and ask him for another kisses. no string attached. just the kiss…!

gahh i’m that desperate?

he got a girlfriend already!!!! i should do so many orz now.

but i do miss him.

i miss the real affectionate one.

i miss the touchy touchy

i miss all the sweet things.

oh yes. i’m lame.

i need GD now.. 😦


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