I’ve forgotten how does it feel to be really in a romantic relationship with someone.

It’s been years since my last official relationship.

He, my first one, actually had already made several times relationship, while me? Still wandering around this narrow world of mine. Choosing the best one that never chose me back.

Ah well I actually don’t really wanna think this kind of stuff. It really irritates me.

But, I enjoy this bitter sweet moment.

You know, love is hurt, it indeed hurt for me, but the more it hurts, the more it gave me some kind of amusing feeling that flow in my vein.

I remember crying on my bed for some men.

And I remember some men ever said they’re crying because of me too.

Love is indeed hurt.

Why can’t I love the one that loves me and forgetting the one that didn’t love me back?

I can’t help how my stupid brain works.

Ah well even the stupidest thing in my life now: I’m in love with GD a.k.a. Kwon Jiyong, the one and only BIGBANG leader.

How stupid can I get to believe it’s a kind of love?

Yeah, at least I believe it LOVE.

Gah! Tell me how stupid I am.

But I do really really really love this Jiyongie boi!

Until whenever!




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