Boy, I need GD!


So yesterday was Solar Concert day 1

and today is gonna be Solar Concert day 2 dedicated to audiences for 19+

and yesterday was a broken heart for me.

GD was coming… he was coming with Miss Korea Kim Joo Ri who happened to be his schoolmate. aww.. i feel sad.

err who am i to be sad, uh?

kyaaa.. i love GD! and this state really drives me crazy. huhuhu

he really enjoyed his moment there. he even bobbed his head.

gahh… he sat really nonchalantly. how lucky the fans there! at least they can see him in that closee! gahhh..

to look for the video, you can click http://ibigbang.wordpress.com/2010/09/25/fancmas-taeyang-wedding-dress-at-solar-concert/#more-29453.

I really want to see him directly too!

Oh God… really!

GD got me

I am very gratitude for GD that You created, God. Really!

Ahh.. i wish to watch GDYB, and all BIG BANG crew one day.

To have pictures with them, to enjoy moments with them… and to do my wildest imagination with the one and only GD.

gee… i’m crazyyy!


Sophisticated GD
A late night and rain is falling down. I bring you back from my memories. I promised myself I would be fine without you, but I can’t help it. I take in liquor which I don’t even know how to handle trying to fill my empty heart. A day without you is too long. I pray that I may please forget you (that’s a lie)~
….Without you happiness cannot be found in me. I can’t even shed any tears. I don’t want to live anymore…”
GD phew

Too fast to live, Too young to die
My body is small but my voice is Gulliver
My age is young but inside is Sullivan
The warrior has returned once again
My name is G G G G baby baby
GD GD baby baby
You wanna flame?
You want fame? Playin your stupid little game
You should check your girls phone
Thats my face in the frame

Arghh… i just can’t scream that loud so i wrote it in this blog!

I’m so in love with GD to death!!

a crazy fangirl? a mad stalker?

ahh… idk..

i just loved GD!

PS: Please look only at me – Taeyang @ SOLAR concert was really INDEED breathtaking!!! gaaaah.. i wish i were there!!! even only listening to the audio give me some kind of goosebumps. i lovee this song..

GD! love you for this song too! 😥

Gah my English is so bad 😦 forgive me!!


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