Just Sing It


Well, I just recorded my own voice from my netbook and i found it sucK!

gyaaa! what happened to my voice?! it sounds really awful. I so dislike it. huhuhu

Maybe i need to take a vocal lesson, no? kekeke It’s just a random thought ofc, i dont really have any plan to do that.

well i remember when i sang Shinjitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity several years ago my voices didnt come as suck as I feel rite now. aisht. what’s really happening to my voice? keke

well well i feel hmm just like my voice getting awful, my life is as well getting more awful each day.

No No. It’s not that I’m not feeling gratitute of what’s that happening in my life but I guess I’m running my time so unproductively.

I’m so into fanfic, twittering, and doing all the messy stuffs that made me forgett what’s trully important now.

I guess the problem is, I dont have any person to motivate me.. and that’s saddening me… I feel like a dead walking meat. keke


but but actually i’m not blaming my world. I know it’s just not my time yet.

I want to change! but the thing is, i keep repeatin the same useless thing.

gah.. i have nowhere to run.

PS: Oh please forgive my bad grammar. i’m just learning. and i’m hoping this grammar will turn any better soon.


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