Bonding Time with My Dira

i feel like writing something.
do you know what?
i’m having a little brother here.
My mom  adopt my cousin’s son for them.
the one who supposed to be their grandson is now becoming their son.
I love him.
His name is Dira Agustian. I made the name for him.
well the names is not so sophisticated, rite?
but i can’t think of any name at that time.
First my parent  wanted to name him Agustinus.
hell no.
i dont want any brother with nus2. keke
and since my parents are so loving to name after their children (me and my late brothers) with months they were born, so it’s been decided that the name of the baby should include the months of th baby was born.
Dira Agustian is not a bad name, rite?
Luckily i wasnt giving him “Jiyong” for the name. Since i dont want to name him the one i adore much and the people in Indonesia can misinterpretation Jiyong names with other non suitable sylabel.
But one day, i really wanna name my son with Jiyong or Jiyongie. i’m so loving the name and the person I knew as G-Dragon so much.
well that’s if only I could make one son later. tsk
so so… actually my Dira was born on Augut 12th, 2010 but i just have my bond time with him since yesterday and yes, he’s so adorable despite the background of his exsistance, he’s just too adorable! keke
my post is a bit cheering this day, isnt it? yay yay!
i’m so happy with it.
okay. that’s a warp.
oh btw, I skipped Church today. May God forgive me 🙂
PS: no pict available because i dont want my baby boy to be exposed here keke

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