Lollidella Glamroo

yeah… now i got my new available nickname for this blog of mine.

Lollidella Glamroo…

what is that about?

hmm well Lollidella was taken from Lollipop Part 2 sang by Big Bang, where GD’s part singging the Lollidella or Lolliderella part. i just like it.

and glamroo… well it’s my other nick found in several particular forums. i’m not using glamroo though.. but it’s almost similar. i cant tell you the ID i used there cos i got too much dark side there. well not really the dark side.

it’s just the gray and nottie side of mine.

by the way, since my life so grunge recently, i decided to change my background to this grayish….

i like it.

hmmm… then another fals alarm held in my chest.

Big Bang and Shinee and 4 kpop artists will come to Singapore holding a concert on Oct 23rd and i’m not permitted to go there. and yes. that felt HELL.

i am so sad.

i cry all nite last night.

and i can feel my eyes swollen.

i’m so depressed.

tell me childish. but for now, GD is part of my world. i want to see him directly with my bare eyes  at least in meters away.


now it’s just  a dream. for now.

well.. i’m just hoping, someday, there’ll be a time i got a chance to meet him.

i’m just praying for that.

oh well…

cr: ibigbang




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