SHINee 2집 Lucifer

Omonaa… it’s finally issued.

Thx to Jenpoo for sharing this.

Oh my… I’m so happy.


01. UP & DOWN

02. Lucifer

03. Electric Heart

04. A-Yo

05. () (Obsession)    

06. 화살 (Quasimodo)    

07. (Shout Out)    

08. WOWOWOW    

09. Your Name    

10. Life

11. Ready or Not    

12. Love Pain

13. .. (Love Still Goes On)

And I still can’t describe these songs yet. Still have to treasure each single deeply. So far, I’m enjoying this. Oh Shinee, you made my day.

Btw, I update Facebook status this morning,

What day is today? it’s SHINee day. Let’s call the Lucifer to celebrate this. *dump*

And my friend comment: Haha. U should hev a rehab

And I comment: na-ah. i dont need that. thank u for ur concern :b

Probably he said that because I put Lucifer there.

What should I do, uh? It’s the effin title of the album! Someone should tell SM there!

Lucifer as we all know, is a name of Sinned Angel named in Bible, also knows as East Star. Aah… just don’t look at the name, please.

Let SHINee do the entertain here.

Still can’t accept that why oh why should Lucifer? Oh okay nvm.


Hook up: SHINee 2nd Album: Lucifer


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