Why to sober when you just can get drunk easily…

To begin is to finish. To begin a new chapter, you should at least finish one good chapter so that it wouldn’t be intrude you anyhow.

So, where this talk leads to?


What I love being here in Binjai is, I can trace every place, every moment of my life with Porcupine’s shade memories. The way I’ve ever shared our memories in Binjai. I was not loving him back then. I just acknowledge him as a good friend of mine. It was on junior school. And my type was the pure INDONESIAN with Batak tribe in the first thought. Never did I think about having a crush on another tribe for good. I don’t know why…. Back then, he’s so neat, well mannered, so white with his delicate skin. gaahhh.. reminiscing back… I’m breathless…

Okay stop it. Suddenly it ruined my mood to write the next thing about this nonsense. Yeah. NONSENSE.

Feeling too much sense to that who doesn’t even move a finger through this.

Ah okay. Forget it. Useless to talk about it. Stop it right here. For good.

And so, I’m quiet enjoying living in Binjai. Though I’m not that sure why I’m feeling this way. Is it because of I could di almost everything I wanted here, rite in my parents’ house.

Should I just say, I’m attached to this city though I missed Jakarta so much. Yeah…. I missed every moment I spent there. Missed the crowd, the hectic people, the entertainment, all packages of Jakarta!

If only I could get back there…

Aishhh…. This is….. a crap.

It took me a decade to write this post looking at the songs I heard below. *sigh*

Hook up: Love the way you Lie – Eminem feat Rihanna;
Live everyday as if it were the last day – UVERworld; Easy (sincere vers.) – B2st; Nothin on you – B.o.B. feat. Jay Park


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