I’m not whining… yet

Hmmm.. I was reading another fanfic when I suddenly thought of posting a blog. Hmmm so what is it about life recently?

You know, I feel my worlds collide. I found myself just around the house. Sleeping, eating, browsing, and others that just involving the house. I am stuck.

I feel like this isn’t the ways it should be. I sigh to myself.

My sleep time even got its worst.

I sleep really late and I woke up far beyond early.

I feel bad. But I can’t do anything.

I don’t have any enthusiasm to change.

I do really wish this unproductive event will soon to end.

As my thigh recovered, I have to do all the productive things soon.


I have to!

God, lead me the way to a better world of me, please…


Hook up: Heaven – Epik High ft MYK


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