SHINee Night

These nights, I always feel some kind of magic running thru my ears from some music, still related to all those Korean Musician!

Every night got its special story. Like last night, the night where I spent so much on one song titled She’s Back by Infinite. The very new boyband produced by Tablo’s management. Now, this time, in this considerably valued night, I listened to SHINee albums again.

After watching Hello Baby, I know for sure those boys are lovable, just as the same as other groups I have loved before.

The vocals, the music, the lyrics, ther performance, and the persons. I really don’t have any reason not to love them.

Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin, and Minho. They do steal my night this time….

Ahm… to tell you something, SHINee is one of those groups subtitle my college life. They made the very best scoring in my movie titled college life of Apriany which were consisted of laughable, tearful, disappointed, happiness, and other emotions ever happened.

Introduced by Boys Before Flowers ost, they surely steal my music appetite. SHINee did that before all the others appear. Before 2PM, Big Bang, Super Junior, Epik High, and others touched my music taste, they already did that with love. A deep love!

SHINee.. SHINee.. SHINee..

I love the name! I really love the name!

Oh how I wish they won’t be ended like their hyungs from SMe…

I’ll pray they’ll always have the best in every ways.

Back off haters! You don’t know what you’ve lost for hating this lovable boyband!!

Oh I almost burst with tears when I listened to their songs tonight. I love love love the songs!

From my earphone, I listen to their songs delightfully. It’s been a while, uh? J

Ohhh it’s a SHINee world! J


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