April 2010 · Melancholias

April 26th 2010

ah.. life seems soo hard to get recently.

hmm.. i guess my ego is the main caused of problems happened in my life recently.

aaargh just dont ruin your day because of her, Pri. why did she do it to me? wht is my fault? 😦

okay enough with the emotional sth.

well rite now, i’m listening to dumbfounded songs which he’s featuring with Jay Park and Clar. I love the song. really. It told us to keep on moving even in the toughest situation.

I thought I’m really a bad person recently. I cant get thru my emotion well. what to do?

this chaotic feeling i got inside the heart is killing. aaaaah! maaan. really need sth to calm me down. a Ji Young maybe? well… i guess so.

i really wanna go somewhere far far far away from this routine i always get. where? by what? i’m so desperate. really. 😦


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