April 2010 · Journal · porcupine · video

April 22nd 2010

dwell in dwell dwelling dwell dwelled dwell being been dwelled dwell dwell

it means nothing like a life I lived now, almost mean nothing as it is.

as for the day gone by, I shed tears like i eat rice everyday. Gonna keep the balance, i made my own world casted by my mind, and acted by itself.

no, it’s not a mourn post. i dont mean to do that mourn post by the way..

yesterday, I try to deactivate my FB account but I cancelled that reminiscing the only way I can get contact with Porcupine is just it. just FB. so i cant deactivate it. I still, somehow, wanna get closer to Porcupine even only by FB…

so, that’s it. gotta made my day now.


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