April 2010 · Journal

April 17th 2010

an old rhythm fer this lazy day…

just lemme lay here all day long.
even my heart really wanna have a walk outside, well my body just doesnt wanna move just a little far away from this bed.
This is not good!
but can’t do much about this.
lemme lay here all day long and dont let me eat anything. dont lemme play with my body. just wanna sleep here.
lemme lay here all day long so that I could let my brain, my heart come a little closer to Porcupine.
yeah… those words had revealed what i currently feel now, L.A.Z.Y. whereas i really wanna go outside and look for the tea farm which surrounded this place. so increadibly overwhelming… but the problem is, I AM SOOOOO LAZY today. Forgive me, myself. I’ve gotta be so selfish like this. I know, our purpose to come here was just to enjoy the vacation and refresh the brain but still now, I’m just watching some DVDs, buffering some 2PM videos on youtube and etc etc. Soo unproductive!
I hope it would happen just this day.. I cant be like this the whole time, rite?

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