Certain Areas

hey, I’m back. this time I still have a little time to touch the blogging world.
I’m not as busy as my office friends.
I am still on probation work. so my job is also not very heavy.
hey you know, I really enjoy my current job.
I can learn, play, and worked well in here.

as FYI, the number of women was minimal at this company.
but that does not mean the men like to have fun with the women.
they keep their women pretty.
many have married there.

The interesting thing about the work I do today is in addition to work, I also enjoyed the streets.
hey .. only 2 weeks of work here, but I’ve a lot of areas I had spent Jakarta.
unfortunately there are no cameras, if there could be cool to record every incident there and shared in here.
well never mind. the human eye is also the best camera right? and the human brain is also the best hard disk all the time. although sometimes difficult to find if’ve saved over time.

and yaa .. I hope that my proposal about DSLR cameras can be approved by anyone later * dreams *

then switch to crispycramp.
man. there is no end to his story.
I always can’t cover all things related to him.

wanna say this to both my parents and my aunt, but that’s not possible now.
1. they will actually thought I was at home working in this company because there is the crispycramp there (although it was probably 100% correct)
2. they will ask for introductions
3. I think they will think I always go home late at night because of him.

so the choice to inform them about crispycramp is really not a good choice.

so I told this to the dahlia, acid, syahma, karin, and the only friend in my office, kak Susi.
maaan .. I really can’t keep this by myself 😦 .

yeahh fortunately they patiently listened.
thank you so much =)

so that’s a wrap for today. i’ve gotta learn much more about this work.


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