December Update

hai. it’s quite a long time uh?
well my bad for this abandoning.
i just started my new life and that’s sucking my time till i have no time for doing this blogging thingy.

fyi, i’m now working.

well, i really really thank God for that.
as you know, i failed in most of the tests i follow.
i failed the Garuda, the BCA finance PDP programme and those two had completely ruined my self confidence to face the PSYCHOLOGY TEST held by most of the wellknown company. but now i’m working. thank to bang Acud that giving me chance to work here.

Talking about my job.
i enjoy working here.
i meet many interesting peeps, good acquaintances, and the job is quiet fun.
i travel a lot, around Jakarta. hehe even the salary is sooo little 😦 butt it’s oke for now…

have i told you? i currently not living in medan anymore. I’ve moved to Jakarta since Oct 29th.
it’s been more than a month, uh?

i work related to telco, the collage programme i used to have at USU.
i dont wanna talk about the job desc here.
i just wanna say that i enjoy working here.

and guess what, i now have a super crush to CrispyCramp. i do really hope he’s the last for me. i’m tired. but just let’s wait and see. am i worthed? is he worthed? are we worthed? i’ve asked God for giving me the best, now i’m just letting HIM do the rest. He knows what suit me the most.

and ps: here is my new family.
not all, but there’s me here.
this picture taken after attending piano concert at wisma nusantara


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