EWH! i need to write something here. i swear i need to write something here, on my blog. but in fact, i don’t know what to write. wazz wrong with me? whyy i feel so numb recently. feels like my brain can’t really work like it should be.

i found out that i have such a well development in my faith to Jesus. yeahh.. i never missed the nite and morning prays which is not soo lousy anymore. well it’s not perfect, but it’s not lousy and i feel great. I pray about many many things. In addition to my only wishes to God, I also pray about parents, family, Priest, and so on and so on.

I feel such a cozy warm was flowing on my body when i did that.

okay. that’s a warp.

maybe i should go refreshing my mind. it feels so hectic here. okay. i’m goin..


One thought on “abandoned

  1. he..he..he kalo lagi kosong ide emang gitu tu prik.. 😀
    tapi gag usah dipaksain juga, kalo emang lagi niat dan punya bahan buat tulisan, ya nulis. Kalo enggak, ya enggak.. 😀

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