Something to do while you are bored?

1. Selfie.
2. Sleep.
3. Mind mapping.

And btw.


No blue color on any of my fingers.
I know no one.
Im so sad.
Its not that i dint intend to choose. I just know nobody and yes thats my fault.
I shudve searched and get to knpw them.
Oh well.

Im still waiting fir caprain america.
Too bad no book store in here.
I really want to read some good books.
Any recommendation?

Who am i takking to?
Oh well…
I blabbler too much

New do

So many things i have done these past few days
I start to enjoy this life more and more.
The joy you have when you got some money in your pocket.
Money money. It’s all about money
So today i got my hair done.


I wanna have a houseeeee. Please.